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Doctors & Staff

Meet the experienced and friendly doctors and staff who make Mel Honda, O.D. a proud provider of vision care products and services in Santa Ana.

Dr. Mel Honda

Dr. Mel Honda can relate to his patients from personal experience. “At age 11, I was having these terrible headaches. After my first eye exam, glasses were prescribed. The headaches went away, and wow, I could see! I think my mom felt bad for waiting so long.” Dr. Honda tells all parents to have their children’s eyes examined early. The first comprehensive eye exam should be before they begin pre-school, or earlier if a problem is suspected.

After attending UCLA, Dr. Honda earned his degree of optometry form the Southern California College of Optometry. “Optometry is a great profession! It is so rewarding to be able to enhance people’s lives by improving their vision.” The continual development of new procedures and medications allow doctors to detect and treat more eye conditions and diseases. Advancements in technology and products make it possible to improve vision as never before, while using the latest frame designs. “Fashion is important you know.”

Contact lenses have always fascinated Dr. Honda, and that has been his specialty since graduating optometry school. The advancements in contact lenses have been phenomenal. There are significant breakthroughs in design and/or materials nearly every six months. Specialty lenses can treat astigmatism, presbyopia (reading problems), post LASIK problems, keratoconus, and many other eye conditions. “The newer lenses no only provide better vision and comfort, they are also healthier for your eyes.”